There are dozens of restaurants in West Hawaii. This is NOT a definitive guide. These are our personal choices in no particular order and the common theme is that they are moderately priced with good food-to-value. We have also listed some more expensive options as "special occasion" suggestions.


The common theme of the following suggestions is that they are convenient, more or less reasonably priced (by Hawaii standards) and the food and service ranges from OK to very good. These are the restaurants that we frequent. If you only try one of our recommendations, go to the Ke'ei Café—it's special.


These restaurants range from pricy to very pricy. There are lots of very pricy restaurants in and around Kona and the Kohala coast. In our experience, most of them are just plain over priced for the quality and service that you get. A good example of this is Jamison's by the Sea, which is the restaurant that you look at from our lanai. It's a short walk from our house and has a truly beautiful setting. But the service and food just don't match the ambiance and the prices. After multiple attempts we sadly don't eat there any more. But the following 6 recommendations are the exception. They all have interesting menus and excellent food.